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  • Sold OutJavid's Iranian Almond - Very high disease resistance, cold hardy and blooms late to avoid spring frost. Self-fertile too. The shell is thick but the nut itself is easy to crack and the flavor is out of this world. It tastes like amaretto and at Christmas time like chocolate covered cherry goodness that has you coming back for more till they are all gone. We are serious when we say you have to have some self-control not to eat this crop of nuts in just a few days. It has a flavor that will keep you waiting year after year. Grafted onto Nemaguard root stock. Imported from Iran over 15 years ago, like many things, it just gets better with age. It comes from the High Mountain range of Northern Iran. This is one of our best.

  • Sold OutNikitsky’s Almond – Late flowering Hardy, produces good crops of Soft-shelled high quality nuts. Pollinates well with Javid’s Almond.


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