Che Tree

Maclura tricuspidata is a tree native to East Asia, grown for its fruit, somewhat similar to that of the related mulberry (Morus spp.). It is also known by common names including Cudrang, Mandarin melon berry, silkworm thorn.

  • Norris Female - These self-fruiting trees were found in the area of the TVA dam project and are massive trees well over 80 years old. These are long-lived trees which can withstand cold winters and like very hot summers. Fruit size is about the size of a nickel. It is a good producer, but gets seedless fruit if a male is lacking. Expect trees to produce 2 to 3 seasons after planting.

  • Seedless CHE - Fruit is an interesting and very productive Asian fruit tree related to Mulberry and Fig.  The bright orange-red berries have a pleasant melon-fig flavor, chewy texture and ripen in October, Like the name states it is seedless but in the reality all Che Trees are seedless when planted with out a male near by however this one does not have seed at all

These trees are very attractive and stately. They are upright growers and do not spread out or weep like other cultivars.

Grafted, 1 to 2 feet tall, Price $25.00


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