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Chinese Date (JuJube)

Trees are grown in pots. Small $30.00; Medium 2 to 3 feet tall $35.00;
Large 4 to 5 feet tall $45.00; Extra Large trees $55.00
GRAFTED. Zones 5-9

We can only ship trees up to 86 inches long. Shipping trees taller than 86 inches is cost prohibitive.
These trees are both Field Grown and Container grown so if you have a preference please note that and we will try to fill your request.
Known as Dae Chu in Korean and Hong Zhou in Chinese. A small tree and shrub up to thirty feet tall that bears edible fruit that are cherry to plum size and very sweet. Can be eaten fresh, dried and used in place of raisins, and cooked into sauces.


  • GA-866 - Shiny reddish-brown, date-like fruit. Sweet apple flavor. Fruit is noteworthy for its remarkably high sugar content. When candied and dried they resemble dates. The fruit is 1½ - 2 inches long, elongated and plump. Ripens close to Lang. Needs hot summer and low humidity for fruit to ripen.
    Sizes Available: Small, Medium and Large.
  • Li - Large rounded fruit 1 1/2 inch long, 1 inch in diameter, and up to 3 ounces. Best eaten fresh, ripens in Aug.
    Sizes Available: Small, Medium and Large - Very / limited supply
  • Lang - Extremely productive and has large pear shaped fruit, which is red when ripe. Best when dried and made into jujube butter, but it can be eaten fresh when red ripe or can be substituted for apples in pies. Dries well but we prefer it fresh. One of the most productive here.
    Sizes Available: Small, Large, Extra Large
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    Lang fruit (Jujube)
    Lang Fruit
    Lang Tree (Jujube)
    Lang Tree
  • Sugar Cane - Medium fruit that can be round to elongated. It is extremely sweet, but it is on a thorny plant. The fruit is worthy of the thorns!
    Sizes Available: Medium, Large and Extra- Large
  • SO - Dwarf trees with a zig-zag pattern growth structure. It makes a great specimen tree and conversation piece. Fruit is very flavorful and round with a crisp apple-like flavor. It ripens in September and is one of our favorite Jujubes to consume fresh.
    Sizes Available: Small, Medium and Large trees
  • Sold OutShan Xi Li - Extremely Large fruit with great flavor, usually over 2 inches, reddish-brown bound date-like fruit, sweet like apple flavor, can be dried or candied, good in hot regions, self-fertile. Ripens in late September.
    Limited on Containerized trees; most are field grown.
    Sizes Available: Medium, Large, and some extra-Large sizes available mostly in Spring when we dig out.

  • Honey Jar - Extremely sweet fruit with an apple-like texture, small to medium size fruit that is round to oval, attractive shiny leaves. Plant does have thorns and is smaller than many other jujube trees, but the fruit is well worth a few thorns. Drought tolerant, good in our growing areas of Zone 6a.
    All these are field grown and we will dig out in spring. We do have a few, maybe 4, that are in containers that can be shipped this fall.
  • Sherwood - Excellent tasting, firm large shiny reddish-brown date-like fruit. Sweet apple-like flavor. When candied and dried, resembles date. Good in hot desert areas. Attractive shiny leaves. Upright grower with far fewer thorns than other selections. Very limited supply
  • Sold OutXu Zhou New! - This fruit is from Shan Dong, China. We have grown this jujube for 20 years here. It is not alternate bearing like some and always produces heavy crops of large sweet fruit that ripen late despite our long hot rainy seasons with very high humidity. This tree ripens its fruit for us in late October. Its fruit hangs on the tree very well. Some does drop, but only after heavy winds. Very limited amounts grafted for the test market.
    Sizes Available: Small and Medium.
  • Sold OutJin Chang New! - Few Jujube fruits get as large as these do, very large fruit tapered from top to bottom and elongated. Sweet but crunchy, mild reminisces of apple flavor with a higher than normal sugar content.
    Sizes Available: Small and Medium sized trees. Limited quantities on hand.
  • Shi Hong Jujube New! - Produces a large fruit and ripens late. This is the Jujube that requires long hot summers low humidity drier conditions. A light producer in our area but does very well in the hot south west. Spring dig and ship only.
Many other Jujube cultivars are available. Please inquire as to which ones.

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