Mulberry Varieties

Mulberries are a delicate fruit grown around the world. They are loved for snacks, can be dried and stored or made into jams and jellies. When dried, they can be used for a sweetener in coffee and teas. Mulberries are known around the world as tree black berries. No other fruit brings in summer like mulberry. With sweet drops of sugar, it is the tastiest of all berries.

  • Sold OutKokuso Morus Latifolia – Originally from Korea berries are nearly bird proof because the fruit does not turn red, has a 1.5-inch-long berry, trees is very cold hardy and has a very pleasing flavor with a complex flavor not to tart, does not have a upright growth habit

  • Sold OutSilk Hope – From the South Carolina’s Mulberry plantation was selected to be the best tasting berry with some sub acid tartness 1.5-inch berry and very productive

  • Miss Kim Mulberry - Comes to us from Robert Hamilton of Georgia (USA), a large berry, very tasty, a complex hybrid found growing in a city that Robert lives near, a winner in size and taste. Grafted, Zone 6 and up
  • Taylor # 1 - Morus alba tatarica hales from seedling grown from seed that we imported many years ago and gave to Lewis Taylor. Nice large berry, very tasty, has a tart sweetness that is worthy of a spot in any orchard. Very cold hardy, rated for Zone 4 to 5, Grafted
The picture of Mulberries above was made available to us by Robert Hamilton, a fruit explorer and President of North American Fruit Explorers (NAFEX).


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