Mulberry Varieties

Mulberries are a delicate fruit grown around the world. They are loved for snacks, can be dried and stored or made into jams and jellies. When dried, they can be used for a sweetener in coffee and teas. Mulberries are known around the world as tree black berries.
Quantities are few. These small trees vary in size from 1 to 3 feet tall. Price $25.00

  • Thomas Black - Small contorted dwarfish tree and a fruit producer. It is a regular producer with 1.5 to 2 inch berries Zone 6
  • Illinois Ever Bearing - It produces large upright berries that are 1 inch long and is heavy fruiting over a long period of time. It grows into a stately tree with berries that have a sweet tart taste and are best for drying. Zone 4
  • Sold OutRupp's Romanian - Similar to Illinois Ever Bearing in size and vigor but has a much better berry with a sweet delicate flavor that is very pleasant Zone 5
  • Sold OutShangri-La - Shangri-La has very pleasant tasting berries which are sweet with only a hint of tartness. It is a smallish tree so you will have good access to the fruit. Ours are 15 feet tall and 20 years old. It can be hedged and trimmed, low graft, and has very large oval leaves that are glossy and shiny. Zone 6
The picture of Mulberries above was made available to us by Robert Hamilton, a fruit explorer and President of North American Fruit Explorers (NAFEX).


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