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2023-2024 Scion Wood List

Some cultivars are limited so be sure to place your orders early.

Available December 15th to March 15th

Price $7.00 per 8-10 inches (20-25 cm long) EXCEPT FIG SCION WOOD WHICH IS $12.00 PER STICK.

Shipping information:




Padded Envelope 



Small BOX
approx. 1 lb



Medium BOX 
approx. 15 lb



Large BOX 
approx. 25-30 lb



We have a large variety of scion wood Pawpaw, Persimmons, Jujube, Chestnut, Pecan, Hickory, Hican, Walnut (Black walnut, Persian Walnut, Heartnut, Butternut), Fig, Pomegranate, and a section of assorted scion wood which includes Asian Pear, Mulberry, Apples and odd plant material.

The scion list is in PDF format. You can search for a particular type of scion using the PDF search function. PDF format.

Please click here to download the current 2023 list of trees available for scion wood collection.

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