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Seed / Nut Seed for Sale
Available in Season and Throughout the Winter

Cultivar Select Seed Nut

Shipping Charges: USPS has small, medium and large boxes for flat rate shipping. If it fits, it ships. The charge is not based on weight, but what fits into each box. We can provide approximate rates based on experience.
Small Flat Rate Package - about 1 lb. - $9.30 domestic; $39.30 international
Medium Flat Rate Package - about 15 pounds - $16.25 domestic; $85.20 international
Large Flat Rate Package - about 25 to 30 pounds - $22.65 domestic; $111.35 international

  • Butternut - Kenworthy $7.50 per lb.

  • Sold OutHeartnuts - Pike and Imshu. $8.50 per lb.

  • Black Walnut - Several cultivars on hand $3.50 per lb.

  • Pecan Northern - Progeny of Major $8.50 per lb.

  • Hickories - Shagbark. $3.50 per lb.

Northern 90 Chromosome persimmon seed 50 lbs. $25.00/lb.
Persimmon Hybrid Seed* from Rosseyanka bred with only Hybrid Males approx. 1 lbs. 3 for $5.00
Persimmon of JT-02 X hybrid Males only 30 $3.00 each
Persimmon Hybrid Seed* of various persimmons on the farm approx. 1 lbs. $2.00
Prok x Szukis Hybrid seed 10lb $50.00/lb

Wild jujube seed in shell 1.5 lbs. $6.50/oz.
Jujube seed from cultivars in shell (planting of England's Orchard) -- $20.00/oz.
Jujube seed from Xu Zhou cultivar in shell from a tree that consistently throws seedling with nice edible fruit pollinated by LANG -- $25.00/oz.

CLICK HERE for pawpaw seed germination instructions

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