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By Mail: Please fill out the order form completely. Be sure to include a daytime phone# and street address. Please transfer the key code from the back cover of your catalog to the order form above your name. Send check or money order for full amount with order form. If you do not indicate a desired ship date, we will ship your order at the best planting time for your region.

Send your order to: England's Orchard and Nursery
2338 Highway 2004
McKee, KY 40447-9616

or to find our order form please click here

Order By Phone: Phone orders are accepted 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., EASTERN TIME, 7 days per week. 606-965-2228 or 606-493-8239.

Order By Credit Card: Visa, Master Card, Discovery, AMEX taken by phone.
Payment by PayPal also taken
(E-mail) nuttrees@prtcnet.org

For phone orders, to save time, prepare your order in advance. We regret that we cannot accept C.O.D. orders.

Shipping Restrictions

US Shipping Restrictions:

For California - We are no longer shipping nut and fruit trees or produce.

For Florida and Washington - No shipping of chestnut, hickory, hican, pecan and walnut trees.

For Oregon - No shipping of chestnut trees.

For Oregon, Washington - No shipping of filbert / hazelnut trees.

Shipping Information

All trees are shipped bare root unless potted plants are requested to be picked up at the nursery.

Our Shipping season is from October to May, depending on the weather. Some containerized plants can be shipped during the summer and fall, please call us for availability and details.

You may specify the approximate date you would like to receive your plants. While we cannot guarantee the exact date of delivery, we will do our best to get your order to you on the date desired. If you do not specify a date, we will ship your plants to arrive at the best planting time for your area.

We ship by THE US POSTAL SERVICE, and other reliable carriers. Be sure to give us a street address, as orders cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box.

SHIPPING CHARGES: Due to the increased rates for UPS shipping we are no longer shipping at a 22% rate for shipping. Therefore we have to, as of 11/29/2010, be charging the UPS Flat rate for ground. Shipping will be charged at the time the material is shipped unless we have made other arrangements over the phone. For example, "to be shipped Via USPS or other carrier." A copy of the UPS shipping invoice will be included with the invoice.

Getting your plants to you in prime condition is very important to us. We have developed the following procedures and recommendations based on years of experience with the weather and with shipping companies. We store our bare-root plants under refrigeration so you will receive them in optimum condition, dormant and ready to grow.

Northern Regions:

We begin our ground shipping to the North approximately April 1st and continue to the end of May. We strive to get your plants to you at the appropriate planting time for your area and monitor the weather conditions en route to avoid damage from freezing. Transit time is often 7 days or more, and in May, dormant plants can be forced into growth by hot weather en route. We have decided to ship west of the Rockies in May BY AIR ONLY. We realize that this is more expensive, but you will be amazed and pleased at how fresh and happy your plants will be on arrival.

Southern Regions:

Many of you can plant in February and March and would like to receive your plants before April. Between you and us, however, are cold temperatures that can severely damage or even kill your plants before you receive them. We will ship plants to you by ground before April on request and will do our best to make sure weather conditions en-route are suitable.

at the Nursery

The Nursery is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays January 15 - May 16th, 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.,

If you wish to pick up your order and save shipping charges, please complete the appropriate line on the order form. We will reserve your plants in the same way as we handle mail orders. Because of past problems with customers not arriving on the day scheduled, we will not be able to prepare your order until you arrive. We suggest that you pick up your order as early in the season as possible to avoid shortages. To be accepted, your order must be paid for in full when it is placed. No refunds can be made for orders placed and not picked up.

Large and Special Plants at the Nursery:

If you like one of a kind items, you'll enjoy visiting the Nursery. We have a number of plants in quantities too small to list in the catalog. These are often unique varieties or, in some cases, are too large to ship. Come visit us and bring your children! We live and work in a peaceful rural area and the drive here is beautiful.

Fruit for sale at The Nursery:

We have many interesting fruits for sale in the fall. Call us in September and October to check on availability and hours. Among the fruits available will be Apples, Asian Pears, Nuts, and others.

England's Orchard and Nursery Guarantee

Once you have accepted receipt of your trees, they become the responsibility of the owner. Through our many years of growing and shipping trees around the nation, we have learned that there are many cultural factors that can affect the growth of trees such as soil conditioners, watering, fertilization, diseases, insects, early and late freezes. England's Orchard and Nursery cannot be held responsible for cultural conditions that are beyond our control. If for some reason we are out of something due to a shortage in stock, or an error that we have made, we will ship a substitution variety of the same species or similar to the species ordered. We will work with all customers on a one to one basis in any response of customer satisfaction. No fertilizing of trees that have been shipped bare root for a period of one year after planting.


If the tree(s) do not break dormancy they will be replaced at no charge for the tree(s) plus the cost of shipping and handling. Trees that die within a seven-month period of purchase will be replaced at a 50% replacement rate plus the cost of shipping and handling. Persimmons and Pecans must be given at least till July of the year planted to break dormancy.

Due to the extreme Drought this year we at England's will not be Offering Any Walnut / Juglan Species or Pecan / Carya Species this year. All warranties will be settled and worked out on an individual basis. Thank you for understanding.

Limit of Liability

If at any time in the future, the trees (variety or cultivars) are found to be of other than so named (requested or purchased) trees, trees will be replaced at our cost (free of charge) plus postage.