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Address: 2338 Highway 2004, McKee, KY 40447-8342

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History of England's Orchard and Nursery

England's Orchard and Nursery was derived from my my husband's grandfather's tree farming hobby on his farm in South Eastern Kentucky. Between 1960 and 1989, many kinds of fruit and nut trees were planted. By 1989, it was obvious that the area was well suited for the growth of nut trees with native fruit being the best-adapted and most promising crop of the trees planted.

For several years we have collected plant material, seedlings from around the world and seeds from our best orchard trees. These seedlings represent some of the best genetic material available today. The parent trees are selected based on consistent yield, size of nuts, and quality of nuts, blight resistance, cold hardiness and tree vigor.

Relying heavily on the research, gathered information and data from the agricultural communities through the University of Kentucky, England's Orchard and Nursery has enhanced many of the most common propagation techniques. Our Propagating methods include budding, vegetative propagation, and grafting.

Our business goals have been and are to demonstrate the feasibility of nut and fruit trees for alternative cash crops and to provide the highest quality produce and nursery stock available.

Visits welcomed but by appointment only

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Mailing Address:
England's Orchard and Nursery
2338 Highway 2004 *
Mckee, KY 40447-8342

We are located in ZONE 6a. Elevation 1,800 feet in the foothills of the Appalachians Mountains.
(We are not in a Southern or South-Cental climate)

Office Phone: 1-606-965-2228
Home Phone: 1 606-493-8239

Owner: Kum Hui England

Organizations Affiliated With:

Jackson County, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce: Kentucky Nut Growers Association: Indiana Nut Growers Association: Midwest Nut Producers Council: Northern Nut Growers Association: Pennsylvania Nut Growers Association:

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